Fall In Love With Your Body


ConfiDance was started in 2019 by Laura Meyer, a writer, mother, and dancer who believes in the power of the female body. Offering dance fitness classes, youth dance classes, special empowerment events,  and birthday or bachelorette parties, Laura hopes to lead women to acceptance of their own bodies through the love of dance. Laura's dance background includes ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, hip hop, and heels, and her classes combine both technique and creativity to not only provide a great workout, but to also strengthen the mind body connection. 

Classes include:

  • ConfiDance Heels: a jazz, burlesque, and hip hop inspired style. 

  • ConfiDance Hip Hop: a straightforward dance cardio workout. 

  • ConfiDance Youth: a beginner level dance class to instill technique and body control. 

No matter who you are, or your dance background, ConfiDance can benefit you. All classes and events are judgment free zones. That means no judgment of each other and, most importantly, no judgment of ourselves. 

Mission Statement

ConfiDance desires to promote self acceptance, strength, confidence, and feminine power through movement and dance: Owning our bodies and having complete autonomy, even if just for an hour.


Monthly Empowerment Nights with wine, dancing, and connecting with your inner strength. Email to find out when the next one is and join us!


Hip Hop, Heels, and Chair classes provide a safe space to feel sexy and get a great workout. 


Book ConfiDance for your birthday, bridal shower, or bachelorette party. 

Come with your girlfriends, or make new ones. 

ConfiDance is a judgment free zone designed for relationship. 

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© 2019 by ConfiDance. 

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