Laura has been dancing for 25+ years. Beginning at the age of five, she has studied and competed in ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, and heels at various schools, including The Dance Extension, Columbus Youth Ballet, Northpointe Dance Academy, and Otterbein University. 

Laura's love of and passion for dance began at an early age, allowing for a sense of control and an outlet for emotional expression. She believes that dance can be healing, and desires for each of her classes to be safe spaces for women to experience such a powerful thing.


In teaching young people, Laura strives to instill technique creating a strong foundation for students that will serve them in all styles of dance, as well as a discipline that will prepare them for life as a whole. 

My Fellow Women,


I like to speak often of what dance has done for me. Over the years, dancing has helped me through many hard times, acting as a comfortable and familiar blanket in which I wrap myself. In recent years, however, dance has become even more enlightening for myself; specifically the Heels style of dance in relation to my identity as a woman. Underneath my performance smile, I struggle with insecurity, self doubt, and discomfort in my femininity. The Heels style has forced me to embrace my body, and to face things I have buried deep inside of me. I am not completely whole, yet, but through dance I am experiencing healing. If you are a woman who has also struggled in these areas, I invite you to come dance with me, in a completely safe space, while we overcome our demons and arrive at a place of confidence. 

Love, Laura

A Note

From Laura

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